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Recruitment Plan Consultation (Recruitment Plan Preparation)

The process of recruitment planning is considered very important not only to ensure finding the right person for a job vacancy, but also because the costs of ill- considered recruitment decisions will definitely result in more time, effort, and money, and without a real benefit.

What will we do?

  • Assess your actual need of employees.
  • Identify the skills you will need in the future.
  • Assess the skills that your current staff already possesses.
  • Compare between the current and desired skills, in addition to planning in order to achieve balance and ensure fulfilling goals at the lowest costs.

We visualise your recruiting activity

We will provide you with a skills gap analysis and a general idea over how many hires you will need in order to achieve your work plan. More importantly, you will be on the safe side through our predictions of future challenges in job markets.

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Publishing Recruitment Advertisements

We are fully aware of the importance of the professional job ad and how it can enhance your work by reducing hiring costs. Our recruitment experts can assist you in all stages in terms of writing the vacancy content using subheads, carefully choosing the suitable job title, adding specific instructions and proofreading them.

Furthermore, we will design your own recruitment ad and publish it on our social media channels, which are considered the strongest amongst competitors.

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Job Applications Processing

We start with a job application screening, using Talent Management Software to manage applicants for employment, and we determine whether the candidate matches the job. The software will match up the information in the submitted job applications with the job requirements. Those candidates who are the closest match will be reported back to you.

أكبر موقع للوظائف شواغر

Workshops for Applicants

The Talent Acquisition Centre is ready to welcome more than 200 candidates at the same time. You can rent it for one day or multiple days, and conduct your own job interviews either by yourself or simply through the help provided by our professional recruiters and consultants.

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Salary Scaling

We will provide you with all needed information about your new employees such as the salaries and wages in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, we will present a full statistics report including a full salary scale for your corporate based on experience, education, seniority, and much more.