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The quality of employees you hire depends on an effective recruitment and selection strategy. however, the process isn’t always smooth sailing. Employer face tangible problems such as the cost of advertising job openings and intangible obstacles such as improving communication between recruiter and job-seekers, evaluating the job interview or despatching details for HR manager and many more.

The platform gives the employers and hiring managers a full solutions and access to find candidates at their fingertips.

iHR Employer come with different level of membership to suits small, medium and large enterprise.

Job Vacancies

iHR Box


Video Interview

Add Jobs

iHR Tube

News Room

Schedule a Meeting

Video Recording

Applicants Page


Matching Qualified Candidates

Built-in app with video, voice calling and chatting system.

Save tremendous amount of time and money.

Platform built on artificial intelligence logic, easy to use and administrate.

Your vacancies will be displayed in front of thousands of registered job-seekers.

Targeted exposure at Facebook, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn towards relevant candidates.

Attract candidates who match your job description.

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IHR Employer is an advanced solution for recruitment, enables the hiring manager to create, manage, meet, organise his hiring from one single app called iHR employer. besides that iHR employer is a full platform for employers’ brand image, by using all the features will save dramatically in time and money.