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أكبر موقع للوظائف شواغر

Fourteen years have passed for the launch of the International Human Resources Co. which is considered a homogeneous entity, after which we have transformed into an integrated and diverse group that occupies a prestigious place amongst the top leading companies in this field in the Kingdom. What we have reached today is only another starting point from which we move into new horizons as large as our ambitions and aspirations, so that we can truly contribute in the process of development, make a difference, and be the best option for job hunters.

We are proud that our group provides thousands of jobs for young men and women in the community, on which our employees and true partners build success as they are the foundation of our mission and key driver which receives the most attention and care with the help of our specialized experts in the human resources development.

Since we aspire to being a model for national companies which deal with highest international standards at all levels in terms of offering opportunities and providing high efficiency foreign labors at the aim of serving customers and the community atwith the highest levels of service, knowledge, professionalism, honesty, and integrity, we have thus adopted solid systems that apply the latest processes and procedures for all administrative levels with the highest transparency standards that are in line with our vision and strategic objectives. Success for us is to encourage our customers to focus on the best they can offer and to remain unsurpassed in customer satisfaction.


Mr. Ali Ammar Al-Harbi

CEO of the International Human Resources Co.